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To the staff at Get Bent Penticton,

I recently attended the All Levels Yoga class with youth that I work with from the Lower Mainland. We had come to Penticton to climb and stopped by the yoga studio before our long drive home. The youth and I found this class, the staff and the environment warm and welcoming. Joan was our instructor and she was amazing, the youth absolutely loved her. Joan was friendly and supportive and created a space where, even though the youth were a little apprehensive at first, they thoroughly enjoyed the experience and left the class feeling great! It was the perfect activity for the day after climbing to help us feel refreshed before our drive home. Since looking at your website again I have noticed that your business, just like our organization, work with youth according to the 40 Developmental Asset model (which makes sense now reflecting back on our time there). We believe this to be a very valuable perspective when working with youth. All of us would gladly stop in for another class should we find ourselves in Penticton again.

Thank you for your wonderful work and gracious attitudes toward engaging young people.

Sincerely, Krista | Roving Youth Outreach Worker
Community Social Development, City of Richmond

BC Yoga Conference presented by Get Bent

BC Yoga Conference: A Blast!

Refreshing, fun, inspiring, and educational!

This past weekend’s First Annual BC Yoga Conference hosted by Get Bent Arts & Recreation in Penticton, BC gave us many new positive connections to the place Kevin and I call our “hometown.”

Thanks to Get Bent Arts & Recreation & Fruv Freedomwear

Wendy & John Goudie, Raina Lutz, and the whole crew at Get Bent along with Dave Halliwell, Emily Collier, Lauren Brown, and the whole crew at Fruv Freedomwear who sponsored the event came together to create one awesome weekend. Large amounts of gratitude to you all.

Our Sunday Morning “Tri Doshas Balancing” Workshop

We were really honoured to be the Sunday morning yoga class in the Spirit Studio and the spirits definitely soared!  We started off the class with a few jumping jacks and arm circles to warm up the body… the body can be a bit stiff in the early hours of the day so it’s important to get some warmth flowing before having a good stretch.  And we love jumping jacks because this exercise uses the WHOLE body.  Arm circles are also great. Backward arm circles open up the chest, and swinging the arms side to side wakes up the energy in the body.  Adding warmth to the morning body is always a good way to start the day.

Post a few warm ups, we moved to the the primary series by inviting everyone to lay down and spread out wide into Shavasana.  From here, we delivered the ancient Tantric ‘Tri Doshas Balancing‘ tradition.  A series of postures which provides inner balance, and cultures the ability to express as your wholesome and true self … inside and out.

Gratitude to Shri Kali Ashram

And of course, before any practice, we send gratitude to our teacher in India, Bhagavan Shri Shanmukha Anantha Natha, and his school, Shri Kali Ashram, for passing to us the ability to share this ancient yogic practice.

A Special Session

A special session happened at the BC Yoga Conference as we entered a state of deep relaxation through periods of movement matched with periods of rest.  The energy from the participants in the class filled the room with a synchronized & harmonized sense of bliss.

Closing Through Mantra

Lara closed the session through singing a mantra during the final resting period in Shavasana.  She simply lets her heart dance through her voice… it feels like time stops and some say that with you can see her voice float around the room. Lovely.

Many Thanks!

Upon finishing the class, we felt the joy reciprocated & received so many kind words of thanks, and bliss-filled hugs.  Thank you to every one who was a part of our class.  It means a lot to us to experience Traditional Tantra Yoga together.


the reasons WHY we love yoga, and WHY we love to teach were strongly present over the course of the weekend. It’s about building a healthy community, creating solid bonds, taking time to love ourselves and others… helping ourselves grow and friends grow through opening up to our life essence… Love.

BrightSide Yoga - BC Yoga Conference - Penticton - CollageLovely Lectures and their Passionate Presenters

There were so many wonderful presenters; we would have loved to have seen them all.  The lectures and classes we did attend were rich with healthy wisdom. This is the type of education that really nourishes us and allows us to look at ourselves and others with love. This is real education that beats the knowledge of every text book, we have been fortunate to read.  Thank you to all the presenters for your passion to promote healthy lives for others. Remarkable work.

Bollywood Stardom by the Get Bent Active Arts Society

We would also like to give a HUGE shout out the girls of the Get Bent Active Arts Society for the very impressive Belly Dancing show “Bollywood Startdom.”  Seeing you girls up on stage letting out your inner goddess was so beautiful to experience!  Keep following your passion, Girls! Lots of love!


Thank you to absolutely EVERYONE who put their heart into creating this event. We look forward to next year, and many more meetings between now and then.

- See more at:

Feedback from: Get Bent Women's Business & Health Retreat

Business-womens-retreat"This came at the right time for me and provided good inspiration for my life - not just for my business and work."

"Today was a day of personal growth, empowerment, recharging the spirit, mind and heart. It was fun and I enjoyed meeting many wonderful women engaging the same challenges that I am."

"The retreat was well- rounded for information, speeches and participants.  Lunch was great and nice to not have to worry about anything other than showing up.  We had to get up off our chairs and participate which is always intimidating at first but ends up being some of the most fun and insightful party of the day. Thanks to all for both leading and showing up today."

 "Thank you for a wonderful day!!   I feel inspired to be a better person. And I find the women in class inspiring."

"Had an amazing day at the Women's Business and Health Retreat!  Thank you to Get Bent for hosting the wonderful event...there were so many awesome take aways from investing an entire day in my health and wellness.  I  have new inspiration for my nutrition and fitness, along with some great new recipes to share with my family.  Most importantly I injected a whole lotta passion into my purpose through sharing ideas with other like minded women, thank you all!!  I look forward to participating in the next one!"

Thank You to the Get Bent Bollywood Bellydancers!!

I just want to say thank you SO much for an amazing show. All my family and friends LOVED your performance.
Your love for the dance was contagious. I couldn't believe how many people got up and wanted to learn the moves.
Including many of the men! Your dances really made the party. Thank you for your beautiful smiles, spirits, and performances.

We look forward to another event!

Jane, Family Event, Summerland

Jane ~ Family Event, Summerland

Amazing Group of Women

I've been in the performance bellydance classes for 2 years now and it is the most amazing group of women I have ever had the privilege of knowing and dancing with.  Wendy is by far the most brilliant choreographer and the way she runs the studio is the best in professional standards.  I love Get Bent!

Vikki Souto

Excellent Support

Since joining Get Bent Yoga, I have appreciated how the instructors assist me in the correct positioning of each pose, how they explain the benefits of each pose and provide excellent support to everyone in each class.  I immediately noticed a difference in my posture, my flexibility, my physical strength and my mental calmness, Thank you Get Bent Yoga.

Hilma LaBelle

A real gem tucked in the Cannery!


We love the values-based positive programming Get Bent offers, everything from great after school dance and cheerleading programs, to performance opportunities and esteem building support through the GBAAS Esteem Team and ongoing mentorship - A real gem tucked away in the Cannery!

A wonderful, inviting personalized service

A wonderful, inviting, personalized service with specific-oriented workout, dance, and relaxing regimes suited to your likes, desires and attributes.   Yoga (for young ones and young at heart),  Belly Fit, Belly Dancing and Salsa Lessons!  It's the Get Bent Team with a Smile!  The yoga has been crucial during my healthy and happy transition.   What would you like to try?  Blessings.   Namaste!

Really enjoyable Year-End Dance Show


Really enjoyable year-end dance show.  The confidence the students showed was amazing.  Kudos to all both young and old (er).

Thank you for all that you do!


I was introduced to yoga at Get Bent as a teenage competitive hockey player with a sore back. As much as Wendy tried to help me, my young ignorant ways got the best of me and I didn't stick with it.

Fast forward a few years and I'm working in Afghanistan hand loading helicopters all day 35 days at a time (and flying in Canada on my 35 days "off"...sitting for extended periods of time).  After 6 months of this, the pain in my back got to a point where I was physically unable to move without pain, let alone do my jobs.

As soon as I got back to Penticton after my last tour, I went to see Wendy again.  This time I was in desperate need of help and I'm extremely glad I went to the right place!   I signed up for an unlimited pass and was doing two-a-days.  The most convenient part about being a student at Get Bent is that if you show up regularly and give the instructors a chance to get to know you and your needs, they will taylor poses and classes to aid your specific issues.   Often you'll be in class and you'll hear the instructor saying "ok we're going to do such-and-such pose now... Bob you might want to do this alternate version...".  It was a bit longer of a road to recovery then we hoped, and I still do continual maintenance, but with the help of Wendy and the staff at Get Bent, I'm more flexible, I have less all around pain and I'm less stressed.

Aside from the obvious great job Get Bent is doing with the quality of the classes, they actually care about you, your health issues and your life. When I was devastated by a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes and my pilots license was pulled, Wendy put together a team of experts to help my situation.  Along with her direct help and impresive knowledge of health and wellness, she got her husband John, who has an extensive background in career counselling, to help me with that side of my newly complicated life.  She also brought in Lisa Kilgor (a renowned holistic nutritionalist) to aid me in my diet transformation.  Wendy and John are amazing people and seem to surround themselves with like company.   I was lucky enough to be around them (and their Rolodex) in a time of need and for that I am extremely greatful.

Thank you Wendy and the staff at Get Bent for all that you do!

Derrick Affleck
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